Finally! He asked her.


Finally taking a break from the band photos. My brother in law finally asked his girlfriend of forever to marry him last night. It was beautifully done. With music, glow in the dark roses, candles and friends, and the perfect ring. How could she say no. These two are dear and close to me and I am so very excited for them to start a new chapter in their life together. They are the perfect match for each other. Always making each other laugh and feel safe. Sticking with each other through all the ups and downs that come with life. I am so thankful they let me be a part of their day. CONGRATS TO RUSS WORSTELL AND TESS GREGG! You two are beautiful.


Pictures are important. Very very important.


Here I have Susie and her beautiful son Abraham. She is a wonderful loving mother. With the support from friends, church, family, and most of all, her parents. She is doing an awesome job raising her son, school full time and working odd hours. These pictures and any pictures that she takes with just her cell phone mean the world to her because it is her son being seen with mom. Parenthood is a wonderful and beautiful thing. We should capture it on film to remember the real, true things and people in life that help us get through the tough times. Why do people spend so much money on professional pictures when digital cameras are so cheap now days? It is because a good, well done picture doesn’t just happen all the time, and it is important that we have the correct things to hold onto. The happy or funny or even sometimes the sad and angry

memories that shape us into who we are. We don’t want to forget but it is easy to if you don’t have something physical to hold onto.

The weekend of Twin


Busy busy busy every time we go to Twin Falls, Idaho. It is so much fun. family time and an awesome photo shoot with the Bacon’s. They have to be awesome with a last name like that! Five children and 2 wonderful loving adults. They are so open and helpful and loving to everyone I am glad that they chose me to share their personalityies with everyone they know. It was cold and windy and a blast. Thank you Baconaiders for letting me take your pictures!

Also, on 11.11.11 at 11:11pm on 11th street the band SKiTTiSH iTZ did a veterans day tribute. It was dark and cold but well worth it. It was a a good way to say thank you to those that risk everything they have to protect people they have never even met before. They even fight without being paid at times. We all owe our veterans a moment of our time and our thanks.

just a day at a park


Even if you just want to remember the simple things in life, like a picnic or just a day at the park. These are memories that we all want to remember because simple things add up. Pictures capture emotion. they can capture anger in the eyes even with a fake smile on. they can capture true love. It can capture silly, and corky. The people in our life are what make us who we are, why not celebrate it?

Hello World!


these are my two beautiful girls

Hello, My name is Brittany Worstell and I am turning my hobby into a wonderful business. I am a photographer and having the best time doing it. I love to meet people and capture the moments that you dearly love in such a beautiful way. 

I have taken pictures of a couple of weddings, I absolutely love taking pictures of children, pets, and nature. I have a couple of weddings lined up for next year and I will for sure keep everyone posted for you all to preview. I have openings right now if you need some pictures down for Christmas cards, birthday collages, or just to hang on your wall. I also do senior pictures and will be posting pictures soon. THanks for taking the time to read my posts and follow-up on sales and specials that will be coming soon!